48. ST. MARK

The most beautiful outside wals in Perast.

The church St. Mark could have stood in Venice or Wienna.

Slight Venetian baroque. The outside walls made of stones from Korchula. Baroque interrupted line and ancient renaissance angles.AVenetian lion with an open book. Three stone statues on a gable - a motive that has no equal on the seacoast.

A byzantine cross in the base. Venetian trail.

The old Shtukanovichs chapel was joined to a new church. It was given a sacristy and a church tower. And the graves a djoining.

St.John's brotherhood built church of St. Mark in 1760. It was not the aristocraty from Perast who built it. Perhaps it was a date that marked the end of Golden age of baroque Perast.

The Smekia palace and the church of St. Mark are the last high achievement of art and glory.

The precious architectural and cultural landmark was later turned into a warehouse for garment manufacturing.

The curse of Perast.

48. ST. MARK