The palace is on a prominant place. On the beach. There is an impression that the ships salute Perast just in front of the arstrocratic balcony of this building.

There is the Shestokrilovich's coat of arm on it. It has the name of a famous Bucha from the Golden age of Perast.

It was the court of the municiple of Perast.

The palace faces Strada maestra with its main entrance. And the main facade faces the sea.

There are two wings to the yard. «Bistjerna.» «Ponta.» Kitchen on the floor. Luxurious interior stone stairs. French balconies on the first floor.

The stone balcony on the second floor is a jewel. It faces Lovchen and Boka from the high position. That is why there is no belvedere. The artistically made stone balcony forms a place of wide view.