Interiers of palaces and houses in Perast are continued in open spaces.

The basic shape is the balcony.

It is on the first floor. Out of the street's range. Most frequently facing the sea.

It soars on the outside wall. Several feet protruding. As long as the stone construction allows it.

The decoration of the house. Shaped with great care. It is supported by blossomed stone consoles. It is surrounded by balustrades with decorative small pillars.

The terraces are a prolongation of the most representative interior of the palace.

The Bishop's palace had a terrace above the whole front wing. From the hight of the location of the building it gave a wonderful view of Boka.

The Bujovich palace had a rich terrace decorated with lions.

The Balovichs made a terrace above "bizetina".

The Viskovich terrace is a fortification at the same time.