The last family of autochthonous nobility from Perast. The last count Viscovich lived in the 20th century. Kasada Zubaci (Dentali).

There is a column on the Piazza with an inscription «To Native Land MCMII» which they erected.

There is a tomb on the Grave yard. SEPULCRUM COMITUM VISKOVICH.

Viskovichs had a special role in writing material for history.

In the centre is the Viskovich palace. The best fortified in Perast. Loopholes facing Strada maestra. There is a terrace facing the sea. The Turks were fired at by cannon from the terrace in 1654.

But the palace contains human elements. Two precious gardens. High "luza" with belvedere. Glassed-in veranda for people to enjoy the view on Verige during winter. Renaissance front with a coat of arms.

Since the earthquake in 1979 the Viskovich palace had been filled with stylish furniture, venetian mirrors, silk wall paper, artistical pictures...Arms.