There is a lot of rain in Boka. Krivosije is the rain richest area in Europe.

But this water runs quickly through lime stone ground into the sea. As a great numbers of rivers which disappear into the earth.

Sometimes so strong like the "Sopot" by Risan.

There are no springs of drinking water on the land of Perast. All these rivers appear under the sea.

The largest one, at the Balovich palace runs through "Bizetina". It dries during summer and appears again. It always starts running around St.Peters day. At that time other under sea springs start working. The old people from Perast call them "Peter's water".

"Boljuni" are a complex of under ground courses of rivers. In the lower parts of the town waste water runs with these. This strange natural municipal system must not be stopped.

They boil during rains, and then suppress.