Impressive palace on the eastern part. It is withdrawn from the Main street.

Its mighty volume is partially hidden by other houses along the coast. From the north it is at the bottom of deep gardens. It is best seen from the inside and from afar.

The interier of the middle corpus uncovers the frame. Without wooden roof-beam. It is four stories high and only a few meters wide. With many openings that perforate the facade. It looks like a cathedral.

With a glance from the distance we can see that the Mazarevich palace is dominant in the eastern part of Perast. It towers above all surrounding buildings.

And above the basic cubus remainders of a most beautiful roof are rising. Composed. With two belveders. The south belveder is the biggest in Perast and it is decorated with the most outstanding baroque volutes. With the Smiloes coat of arms on the top.

The Mazarevich palace is a very important motive of the urban picture of Perast.