Perast , the town of glory, art and culture, developed several urban ensemble of high value. «Izula Bronza» - the isle Bronza - is representative.

Bronza is a famous surname of kasada Shilopi. They were great sailors. The famous captains on native and Venetian ships. Cavaliers and diplomats.

Their nest was on the eastern part of Perast. In «Luka».

Protective tower. Complex of houses.Palace.

A basrelief is at the front side of «Lastavica» palace. Renaissance from 1506. Annunciation.

Baroque «volute» along roof belveder. The wings of swallow.

Consoles and balustrades. Bloomed stone.

Coat of arms Shilopi's kasade. A linden on garthen hill, with hen-pigeon at the top.

The isle of Bronza on the dry land of Perast.