Perast is all of stone. Like Jerusalem.

And it is all on the stone. St.Elias the hill plunges into the sea like a stone pyramid 871 m. tall. At the foot of it people built at the narrow stretch by stone beach. Predominantly with native material, with stone dug out in the town itself. In Posovo. In Pencice.

Rough stone is used. Half-done. Processed. Artcally dressed. Gradation depended on the investitor and the architect's composition.

Stone is an urban measuring unit of Perast.

The width of the main street is 10-12 stones. Stairs are 5-6 stones wide. There is a hight difference of 215 stones from Ponta to Fortress.

The front face of the palaces are composed of a number of rows and pieces of stones. Like music.

Stories were created from the technology of stone wall in a quick lime.Ordinary house-ground floor and first floor. Palaces - two stories above the ground floor. ( Only the Bishop house has three stories.)

Only the bell towers were above.