There is a small beach about two miles from Perast on the way to Orahovac.

Pearl-like pebbles. Unique in Boka.

There stands Bajo Pivljanin's tower. He was the wellknown outlaw captain from the second part of 17th. century. Sung in the epics songs about the heroes.

Bajo was one of the most famous amongst thousends of people from Hercegovina who migrated in large numbers masses around 1654. and took part in the defense of Perast.

At that time the town was on the front line towards the territories under Turkish rule. (Risan to the west. Orahovac to the east. Glogovac to the north. Herceg Novi to the south.)

The outlaws were like a precious shield.

After the liberation of Novi and Risan the situation changed.

And, in 1685. Bajo Pivljanin was perished.