After the three big of the wars-cyprus's, Moreja's and Kandija's-Venice lost its predominance on Levant. It withdrew in the Adriatic basin.

Venice orientated its strategy to the eastern Adriatic coast in the second half of the 17th. century and the first decades of the

18th. century.

Perast is the seat of Bar's Diocese. Andrija Zmajevic is the Archbishop of Bar's Diocese and Serbian Primate from 1671 to 1694.

Vicko Zmajevic to 1713. Stukanovic (1723-43). This gives a new impulse to the town.

The big earthquake in 1667. pulled down a large part of Perast. It was a chance for a big construction. The Golden Age of

building came.

Palaces: Bishops Palace in 1664; Shestokrilovich in 1691; Bujovich in 1694; Viskovich ( 1500- 1718); Smecha in 1764 ... are

witnesses to time.

From the peace in Pozarevac, the Republic of St.Marko does not fall into the category of great European forces. Its politics were

defensive until the end of the18th. century.

Napoleon abolished it in 1797.