About twenty streets climb from the Main street to the north.

The ground they climb is steep. Aproximately 1:3. So the streets aquired the form of «skalina».

They are made of roughly done, of rough stone. The time and climate polished them gradually.

After five or nine staircases resting places. On the stairs are made «Podests».

Skalines are formed with human steps and the stones from Perast. Public space. It is separated from side plots, particles.

The particles are levelled according to the decline of the land.

About twenty feet of flat ground. Fertile gardens.

Then, 6-7 feet tall, supporting wall. Stone.

The houses are built in the same experience. Wine cellars are opened towards the sea. Dug into the ground towards the north.

The first floor facing the sun.

All Perast was developed according to the reasonable spirit of the place.