At the central place. Crosses the Main and Big Streets. By the edge of: Saint George-Fortress.

In front of the Pjaca.

Orginally built in the16th. century. The present fundamental architectural shape of the Saint Nicholas church is from 1624. Rebuilt after the Great earthquake.

Roman single domed basilica. Rich portal on the west. Rectangular apse on the east. The stone from Korchula.

It has been a parish church of Perast for centuries. The center of people meeting and the center of spirituality.

In the Golden Age of the town a new dimension. It was decided in 1723. that the prish church would be turned into a cathedral. In the base 30 with 40 meters. The portal faces the sea.

The architect is from Venice. He built the north apse. With stone from the Perast mine from Luka.

After a few years the building of the cathedral stopped.

Perast was slowly becoming a less powerfull city. The Venetian strongpoint subsided in power.