Perast is without town walls.

After a number of pirate attacks, the district built a castle in 1570. For the observation of Verige and protection of the back part of the town.

At the place of the ancient church of the Holy Cross. The first one that was built by the district of Perast. Guarded by guards. (Saint John the Baptistis was the patron saint of the ancient Perastians. All «casadas» and families celebrated it in September.)

The new church was built on the lower terrace of the fortification. Just by artillery objects and house of the «castelan».

Casamates, refuges and centry-boxes there were on the upper level.

The restored castle succeeded to protect Perast through the centuries with a small crew. It was an unconquered system together with the towers in the town.

Not until the 19th. century Austria built long ranged fortresses. Ledenice and Glogovac reduced the significance of the Fortress in Perast.