Ancestor worshiping is very strong with Slovene people. Christian grave-yards are the towns of the dead .

The grave-yard of classic Perast is on the isle. Next to the abbey of St.George. On the ancient worshiping place. Under the cypresses. There are graves of old citizens of Perast keeping watch in front of the town. Marko Martinovich is among them.

Some of the noblemen were buried in the churches. Mainly the people who helped in the building. The Zmajevichs. The Shtukanovichs. The Balovichs.

A group of graves on the hill above the town, at the church of St Petka bear witness to the ancient settlement .

In Glogovac the graves around the pulled down chapel are the only remainder of the village. Other buildings were of short duration.

The orthodox graves above the church of the Holy Mother are from the middle of 18th century. It was rational and compactly arranged. The rows of graves on a sloping terrain. The monuments face the sea, as does a small chapel with a big cross.

A Catholic graveyard is on the west entrance to the town. It was established in 1868.