Heroic Perast gave birth to sailors, tradesmen and warriors. It became a cultural centre in its Golden century.

The bishop's palace was a focus. Andrija Zmajevich, archbishop, historian and writer built the palace in 1664.

Under the Penchich's stones. Because of the dominant view and active water from the Cave.

The difficult location is masterly used. The base is T-shaped. All branches have a ground floor, three floors and the attic, but they are connected through six levels.The building is covered with roofing, and a noble roofed terrace stands over the south wing.

The palace faces the sea. An abundant garden and representative entry stairs are on one side. And «luzza» with three arches on the ground floor.

The centry-box and loop-holes face the hills.

The Bishops palace was built with stone from this place. The walls of the interior are painted by Tripo Kokolja.